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Rush Patches
+ Fixed how Sliding on Slopes works (disabling it now works as intended, you can walk up infinitely steep slopes) + Sliding to the ground no longer creates an i...
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Rush V2: It's ridiculous, but true: stair stepping is now functional
Somehow I overlooked the most simple yet crucial feature for any player controller: stair-stepping. It's now available, after so long... And with configurable s...
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Small Bug Correction
player rotation was inconsistent with the configured starting rotation, that has since been corrected...
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Rush - V2 Out Now
If you end up using V2, please understand that you will need to change your fixedtimestep to 0.0166675 in your Time settings to make things feel smooth. I canno...
Rush - Slope Corrections
Corrected issues where the player would slowly slide down shallow slopes. Corrected errors related to ground snapping. NOTE: The rigidbody variant of Rush now u...
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Rush - Out Now
Hey there. So basically Glide was fairly unreliable and had some technical issues that were never fixed. I sat down for 8 hours straight and did a massive refac...
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