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Hey there.

So basically Glide was fairly unreliable and had some technical issues that were never fixed.

I sat down for 8 hours straight and did a massive refactoring of the code.

As a result, the controller is getting rebranded due to some new features.



- Corrected how crouching responds to trigger volumes.
- Crouching is now built on a curve generator and not RLI.
- RLI is now managed, which is important for performance (prevents weirdly precise floating vectors).
- Shortened code by removing obsolete parts (character controller collision callback, unnecessarily spread out conditional branches, etc.)
- AudioManager has been removed, SFX now uses Unity's built in audio systems to save performance.
- Calculations account for the new player center.
- m_grav has been removed, now gravity is directly applied to the movement vector.
- Viewbobbing has finally been redone to rely on Time.deltaTime instead of Time.time.
- Sliding seems to be alright for now, removed the clamping because it's unnecessary (additive force wins again).
- Optimized the code which removed a few hundred lines, improving performance.
- Slope gripping has been refined some more, and is a lot more reliable when it comes to steep slopes (there's no weird landing behavior before the sliding).
- The landing snap has finally been corrected, now scaling based on the player's vertical velocity (CRUCIAL CHANGE FOR GAMEFEEL).
- Landing is generally more reliable, many corrections to the math have been made.
- Animator Step Event has been updated to use the new audio system.
- Updated third person camera projection to a 4x4 rotation matrix, which is far more reliable and clean.
- Implemented a new air velocity option that allows for momentum. New air deceleration setting relates to this.

- Two new methods, AddAirForce and SetAirForce. Used with the new air velocity system.


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Jun 07, 2020

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