Rush - V2 Out Now

If you end up using V2, please understand that you will need to change your fixedtimestep to 0.0166675 in your Time settings to make things feel smooth. I cannot find any helpful resources to fix issues with rigidbody rotation smoothing that don't  involve correcting Unity's fixedtimestep.

  • Implemented RushInput as an input module for Rush. Now you can have your own custom input systems.
  • Added grounding layers, so now you can selectively disable layers that Rush can walk on.
  • Stripped out the air motion system because it was heavily flawed.
  • Implemented RushInput_Default, which gives you back the original Rush’s control scheme.
  • Corrected several issues with framerate dependency. Camera input is now normal.
  • Removed the lerp effects on the third person camera.
  • Improved third person camera occlusion logic, so now it’s a lot cleaner.
  • Optimized rotation matrix code: Rush now works with Quaternions instead.
  • Optimized several parts of Rush’s code.
  • Rush has an input module called “RushInputInControl” you can use to access InControl support.
  • Implemented camera tilting as a base feature, including mouse tilting.
  • Optimized third-person projection math.
  • Rush also features an input module for Tank Controls now. Do with that what you will.

I'm not going to be releasing anymore public updates to Rush. It's pointless. For a free tool it'll never match the standards of other player controllers.

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