"Let's Go! Baby!" is a mysterious netgame from 2001 where people could get together and hang out in a virtual world inhabited by babies. The game mysteriously disappeared off the market after many complaints, but has since resurfaced in hobbyist circles as a "so bad it's good" gem.

Today, we at Feverdream Softworks have decided to revive this classic game, now with various enhancements.

It's time to meet your maker... Or should I say, your Daddy?

== Multiplayer! Explore with your friends! ==

== Your Very Own Baby! ==

== Singleplayer Support! If you're lonely! ==

== Baby Auras! Exert The Sensation! ==

= Dancing! =

== Daddy. ==

Created by Feverdream Johnny

Title Theme by Lain

Haunted PSX Render Pipeline by Pastasfuture

Ham Model Constructed by Jett

World Design Consultation by Ian

Other Assets Credited In-Game.





Made in 4 days to celebrate the New Year.

Updated 10 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(72 total ratings)
AuthorFeverdream Johnny
Made withUnity, Blender
Tagsbaby, hauntedpsx, Horror, Multiplayer, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Singleplayer, Surreal, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer

Development log


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I wonder... will you add Speccy to this game, or will it be a Suffocation-exclusive thing?

Let's Go Baby Suffocation is now permanently free since this game's networking has gone offline.

You can get to Suffocation from the top of the page. Hope you enjoy.

- J

great game sadly multiplayer is down


I'm trying to play this game with a friend and whenever I select enter friends world it says "Failed To Join   For some reason joining failed try again later". But I notice that it usually says that 1-3 people are playing the game online so I don't think that the servers are shutdown. And when I try installing the game I either get a white screen or an infinite loading screen with just a bit of the bar left to go but it never ends up being full. I can play by myself using the website to open it but I want to be able to play it with my friend does anybody know a solution for any of these issues? (preferably the multiplayer issue since I can already play the game alone on singleplayer by opening it through the website unless if fixing the downloading issue somehow fixes the multiplayer issue).






umm ok but who cares


Are you confusing Friends World with Suffocation?

Honestly, you writing this is just a waste of time. I mean like- What game dev wants to read some 6 year old's hate comment.




sombody please help me i forgot the contrls 0.2 after i read them



10/10 el bebe bob es un tremendo carnero

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Not sure if anyone has discovered it yet, but me and my friend found an Easter egg in the hell area with the door to Daddy鈥檚 room. There鈥檚 a small opening over the edge of the cliff you can fall into and inside you can find JC Denton doing a dance!

To find the hole in the cliff side, you need to use the third-person camera and walk along the edge of the main landmass.


best game ive played in my entire fucking life


when i played nowhere mi i had such an intense moment of nostalgia cuz i was like "this map is...LITERALLY the exact same map as a browser MMO i played once?" and i thought i was going insane. anyways im kind of in love with you platonically


Hey, there! When trying to play this game through the itch.io desktop app, the loading is stuck at 90%. Any idea what might cause this 馃ゲ?


i forgot how to get to that room in the daddy room


Well……the first time I play this game I choose the name DADDY


anyone know secret skins all I know is the little brother skin and monkey to get monkey you are to put in monkey in daddys console


This was a fun game can't wait to play Lets Go Baby Suffocation soon a solid game man


10/10 Amazing


where is online mode?


its not available because its just not possible


bro i literally played with friends what are u talking about


what are YOU talking about? its LITERALLY NOT AVAILABLE


lmao it is man but its like a server open for everyone the "enter friends world" just played with my friend too couple days ago

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but i cant access it? wtf are ueven talking about lmao




number one of top ten baby games of all past and future <3


Good game
Good Mystery
Good story
Beat in 5 minutes very fun!


Very fun to speedrun

How can you input the ADMIN_DADDY05


This game almost crashes my browser, I need a download link.

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The cyanide smells like almonds...Can you help me, Daddy?  Daddy?  NO, DADDY NO SOMEBODY HE...

Log number 5

Me and the others found graves next to the "Circus" which we call, park and we found 5 babies.  The all looked the same except for the faces and their shirt color.  The things that were similar were the diapers, lack of shorts, and the phrase written on their shirts saying, "Daddy is home.".  You know that weird sh**.  The sixth baby looked...off.  He or she, we can't even tell had white eyes and teeth.  It was a baby, but it was all black.


misery miser


"I have got the babies Mommy."



"Is it time?"

"Time for what?"

"The ritual?"

This is all not true, I made up the crap and it is not true until the creator, Jhonny says so...maybe.

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never thought this game would get a lil fanfic lmao


When I realized that you, the creator commented on my fanfic I was surprised and happy at the same time.


Also if you wanted to, you could make a Mommy update and I can look at a video showing how to get the other ending because I don't know how to use a spectrogram.

I also love the ARG or horror game, which ever you prefer.

And in the Mommy update, make the browser game downloadable and if you don't know how to make it multiplayer on the downloaded version then make it so people have to play the browser version to play multiplayer and make a mobile port for your games if you want to.


Mommy im hungry

go feed yourself

I require milk.

I Love My Daddy!™


well did


well done, not did

use proper syntax or die


Translate the jibber jabber into something us babies can understand:


https://cryptii.com/pipes/caesar-cipher -13


pls download

Whaaa its a WBG


Can you add a Download link?!


this game feels illegal


very cool game! i liked the part where i needed to have a spectrometer to make any progress at all ((not hinted at or a part of the actual game whatsoever)). much love! im a baby wah wah


Hey Johnny I really liked Demons Island, really cool figuring out all the secrets. My friends and I were very excited for this game because it seemed similar but was just a bit to cryptic for me and my friends too enjoy. Looking forward to your next project in this genre of multiplayer secret hunting, hoping its a bit more carefree.


cmon make pc port

(1 edit)

the pc port will be available once Russia leaves Ukraine alone

can someone help me is laggy


An absolute fever dream from start to finish. So glad I saw a little snippet of this game over on your Twitter a week or so back and had a great time exploring the world of Baby.

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Complete story run gameplay video, this game reminds me of those 2000's library social games. Literally so sick good job @Feverdream Johnny you are goated. ->

needs a better view of the spectrograph.

Deleted 1 year ago

well why spoil the game


i mean i already beat it but cmon this isnt what comments are for


also youre wrong




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