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The journey in Let's Go! Baby! Friends World finally reaches its crescendo with Let's Go Baby! Suffocation, a standalone expansion / definitive edition combo that finally concludes the narrative running behind LGB:FW.

Who was Daddy

What are we doing here

Wait, who am I

What's Cookin'?

All of these questions (and more???) will be answered inside the mysterious guts of Suffocation...

  • A post-game expansion that concludes Let's Go Baby's story... Visit a once prosperous world corrupted by Daddy's influence. Figure out how to activate the teleporter and escape this nightmare once and for all...
  • Speccy, a QoL improvement that makes it possible to see spectrogram images inside the game without having to go through the nightmarish process of recording audio and processing it...
  • Various Bug Fixes...
  • Puzzle fixes to make the base-game more approachable...
  • Delicious Ham...

Updated 10 days ago
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorFeverdream Johnny
Made withUnity, Blender
Tagsbaby, hauntedpsx, Horror, Multiplayer, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, singeplayer, Surreal, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


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as the current world record holder for the Let's Go Baby: Suffocation speedrun i am curious as to what this update (posted 5 hours ago) brings to the game


this game is peak, thank you Feverdream Johnny. It was so worth the two dollars. That one guy who said it wasn't worth it is the real mid one tbh ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

Deleted 63 days ago

I'll see what I can find out about this error

Alright, I've looked into it and the issue should be resolved for Suffocation. Please download a new copy and try again.

Why doesn't the online work, I cant connect to friend's world, and also its just baby world for me it hasn't changed to suffocation


Make sure that you are using the same version as your friend: suffocation and let's go baby: friend's world do not support cross-play.

As for why your game hasn't changed to suffocation, you have to beat the base-game to unlock it.

So why can't i connect to friends world? I've beaten the game but every time me and my friend (he beat it aswell) try to connect it just says try again later

Alright, the networking issue has been resolved. Please make sure you and your friend each download a new copy of the game, and try again.

Thank you for fixing the game, I can't wait to play with my mate

HELLO. I passed demo peeb adventure and LGB FW and i really want LGBS.       ]help plz[

you just buy it. its not that bad its only 2 dollars

1.I am in Russia 2.I am 13-14 

And because of this I can't buy


I'll make it free for the next week to celebrate 100k on the original game. Hope this helps, kid.


THANKS im in seventh heaven

Loved playing the base game and the DLC, thanks for including the spectogram !

Great addition, super touching and relatable. Was great to play with friends. :) Thank you for making it! I hope you're doing ok.

Linux version seems to have the same problem as the Mac version. The logo at the start renders fine but the rest of the game is just a black screen.

Just a quick question: Can this be played online with friends?



hi johnny, i got the mac version of the game today and it did not load the visuals on my mac, the screen was black for the menu but i could select the buttons, hear the audio being played (eg if i pressed E) and it showed the loading screen when i clicked "enter friend world" but no scenery was shown.  please lmk if there is a way to fix it, thank you!!

Deleted 71 days ago



best advice known to man, this got me through high school


i sent an email to pixelsafterdark to cover this game i hope he does

Hope so.

I likey the game, good sequel -> 

Deleted 150 days ago
Deleted 150 days ago
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How do you get in the sewers?

I love the game but I am stuck because there is no walkthrough and I don`t have and know how to use spectogram.

A spectrogram is no longer needed, a solution was added in the new update.

Press the U Key and it'll bring up a program which translates the Shadow Figure's noise into words when you use the Hollow Aura on them.

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Ok, thanks, and do you know how to get inside the sewer?  Thank you

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No I don't unfortunately as I've been trying to get in there. I thought I had to ram my body into it by sprinting but that didn't work and I tried every aura but to no avail.

It doesn't help that none of the Shadow People don't give any helpful advice on how to progress and the minimum number of blocks I was able to get was two.

I searched every nook and cranny I could find only to find nothing that would help me to advance, the only way I could think of to progress was to reach the ham once Daddy takes over the world only to find there was no way to get to it which includes being unable to break the glass.

There might be a way to get past Daddy and enter his room after he takes over but so far all my attempts result in Daddy speaking to me and blowing off my head which ends in me being set back to the spawning area.

I also thought there was a way to talk to the Giant Baby in the aquarium level but every aura I tried had no effect, so I'm sorry to say that I'm just as stomped as you and everyone else here.

I wish there was a new game option so I could go back and visit the areas from the original game.

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If you want some help, get your head blown off by Daddy and then use the angry aura on the statue while your stump is bleeding

The game will let you revisit the original game once you've looped through the expansion

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Thanks I didn't know you could do that. By the way if you don't mind me asking: How do you get the third cube?

Also after Daddy grabs you does he send you to a demonic world resembling the hub area or does he take over?

Lastly will there be any more updates after this one?

Nevermind I found out how do to it

I found out how to get it. Get your head blown off by Daddy and while you're still bleeding use the Angry Aura on the Golden Baby Statue.

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Got it, thank you and johnny for helping

Is anyone going to make  a walkthrough on how to complete this game? Because I am stuck and confused.

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Same, I only have 1 cube

(3 edits) (+2)

Loved this expansion, however short it was. Me and my mate got through it quite quickly as the puzzles felt like a cakewalk compared to what we went through for the original. Still had a great time, though I must ask, main story stuff aside, did we miss anything? It just felt deceptively short and the ending felt almost too resolute for a game like this.

Make a walkthrough then, plz


From my review but I'll just copy it here too lol

Compared to the first part of LGB, this one felt a lot more poignant and I love it because of that. The underlying story, music, and environments are all great and just drive that poignant feeling home for me personally.



Cannot find cube 3 for my life. Any hints.


It took me a bit to figure out the puzzle for the baby teleporter, but I still got it after a ton of trial and error. And the ending was pretty interesting as well. Great job on this post-game expansion.

it smelled like almonds.


I saw this and thought this looked amazing.

I did get really sad and upset when I saw it cost money.

Kind of disappointed.

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It cost me $100 to boost the server space out during the game's high time, so the cost for the expansion is only fair. Would it make sense for me to lose money to give other people something I put effort into for free?


if not for this mere pricetag, johnny would not be able to buy the fortnite season 3 chapter 2 battle bass included with the gangnam style dance pack. 

trying to keep him from that is tragic and heartbreaking.

hope u can learn from this experience <3


Oh,dang.Keep at it then Johnny.

I Love this saw it on ur patron

This Is Great

Are the puzzles no longer hardcore?  Instead, discover and solve puzzles in a more human way?

Hello, all I get is a black screen on Linux. It seems like the game is still running in the background, I can click on stuff in the menu and launch the game, however it’s the same black screen in game. Interestingly enough I can see the loading screen.


Oh dear, give me a bit and I'll see what I can do. Sorry about that!


Alright, I've pushed a new update for all builds of the game that might do the trick, try and download a fresh copy and let me know if it still persists.

No problem, I tried out the update but sadly the problem still occurs


Ah, sorry about that, the render pipeline this game uses can be a bit finicky on other systems, I'll see if I can diagnose this issue soon and get something done.

For what’s it’s worth, the game works mostly fine using Wine, the compatibility layer to run Windows programs on Linux. It’d be better if the native version worked, but I was able to complete the game using Wine


make it a browser game

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Enjoyed figuring things out in the post game, even though I found the puzzles easier than Friends World.

Not the ending I expected but found it very fitting.

10  dental insurance  / 10

HELP how do you get cube 2 my friend and I are so lost


there seems to be an issue where if you are in the post game and go on the wheel it will bring you back to the pre-game again!

(1 edit)

It shouldn't be possible to trigger the teleporter unless you're a voidman or the dev skin, so I'm not 100% sure how you triggered it. Do you have any other details you could share, like which skin you had and all that? Just curious

Okay, nevermind, I made a new patch that should fix it. Thanks for reporting!

If you put daddy's password into the thing post-game, it gives you a darker skin and if you go on the wheel, it triggers the first game to load in

Yeah, didn't know you folks figured it out, I forgot I did that lol


This is a game.


It sure is.