LGBS is now free forever

Due to some technical faults breaking multiplayer in the original Let's Go Baby, I've decided to just make Suffocation free instead.


Let's Go Baby - Suffocation.zip 89 MB
38 days ago

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Oh, well, damn. That's awful nice of you. You didn't have to do that. Technical issues happen and are understandable. 

Thank you

I am going to unravel the secrets. There has to be the beginnings of/an in progress ARG in the games. (I've seen it said that there isn't, but I like the thought of it and the intrigue. Mostly for fun and curiosity. I've never managed to pick up the thread of one before.)

I'm off to record and run those audio clues from the first game through a spectrometer. I'm pretty sure Audacity will just do it, if not, I have more options. I got distracted.

no need to use external software for the audio clues, suffocation has a built-in spectrometer you can use

Lets go, best decision of 2023

Yay! That's great!