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How do I play this game?!? Do I eat the food?


 I really liked this demo, more than anything else in the collection. It's just the type of game that I love, simple game mechanics, unusual setting, and a lot of secrets. Also that creepy part after which the game over screen is displayed, I crap my pants because of it, the change in the tone of the game really worked. I applaud 👏. 

 But I have a question, I looked at every inch of the game, tried to apply items wherever possible, but did not figure out what to do with "Brand of Ghat" and "Shlarp Crunch (Cookie Madness)". I would like to know what to do with these items, or maybe get a hint.

 In general, thanks for the game, I'm looking forward to the full version, good luck with development!

This demo was awesome! I had a great time running around this surreal world exploring all the weirdness it had to offer. Gotta love Scuba Steve! The end boss was pretty fun as well, really excited to see what the full game ends up being like :)

really great demo, i love the style. super excited for the final release

tá porra leandro bife que jogo é esse

neat little indie demo i cant wait for the full game to come out i suspect that it will come out in 2023 or 2024 but this is a really cool demo i liked it a lot keep up the good work!


This was rad!!!! I really love the vibes, I found myself reading a lot of the dialogue and rlly enjoying quite a lot of it, especially all the slightly surreal stuff about the hell divers, that stuff was great!!!

It's also wild that it takes so long until (what I assume is) the main hook of the gun + dashes combo of gameplay gets introduced, yet I didn't find myself being impatient for it at all, I was just having so much fun exploring and checking the environments out. Great job! Hope u can keep it up cause it was a rlly great experience so far!

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Hey dev, first off i think your game(s) is awesome and has a lot of potential, love your creativity.

I was wondering what engine do you use to develop? Ive been doing my learnings but im wondering if i should develop my own underlying game engine or just use something like Unity or Unreal. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Edit: Just found the extra notes section and answered my own question, but still any tips you have could be cool :)

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Made an account just to say this game is fantastic. Very much looking forward to a full release!

Quite an odd fest you have here, I love it! I can't wait to see what it becomes. It already feels like a fever dream.

I played your demo through the Spectral Mall Demo Disc, thus the thumbnail


holy shit i absolutely adore this game, it's reminds me of powerslave but just like way out there
i am so ready to fork up cash for this when it fully releases


Very fun. Although I wish there were more combat encounters and the inventory open cutscene is a bit too long.

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The full version will totally have more enemies to fight (along with other unlockable weapons), and I've been contemplating how to make the inventory screen transition better without diminishing the gravitas of it, I think I might make it so that after you've opened it once, it opens 5x faster or something.


maybe make a reduced motion option? i like how it is right now.

is the full game out or are you still working on it? cuz that comment is a month old


when the full game comes out, i'm there ASAP. love the visuals, love the music, love the boss fights in this demo, Concord is great, and most of all i wanna see where this story goes and how. i can always go for new unique metroidvania experiences, and this is that

I loved secret hunting, i'll be following development for sure

how to kill jett when jett enters the game


Best game from Spectral Mall, but unfortunately not on Steam (yet), hope to see it there.


Just played the demo, what a trip! It captures perfectly the liminal space vibe.
The combat has a "rpg first, shooter" feel to it but not in a bad way really, it is smooth.

Loved the extra content after beating the first boss, made me wanna explore further!

Well, you've captured my purchase.

Wow. Very enjoyable. Very creative.

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I was just on a call with my psychiatrist while playing this. I read him off the Hell Diver Amigdala memory, he told me to stop playing it because i might drive myself insane. 10/10 will get full version maybe.

good shooting game

is it out now? 


Looks amazing will be following for sure!

I love it dude. The soundtrack is incredible and the secrets are also really cool.

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this is great!
ALSO, is the music that plays in the beginning forest area inspired by the Magicant theme from EarthBound ("Deeper into Ness's Subconscious")? it sounds incredibly similar.

Thanks! The music is public domain, don't know the origins unfortunately


ah yeah. i was just wondering if that was what you were going for, but i take it it's not. keep up the great work on your games! they're very unique and memorable compared to so many other PS1-themed games right now :)




I am so upset I slept on this demo while searching for games to review on my blog. I kept seeing the ratings rise and I finally bit the bullet. This is one of the best gaming experiences I've encountered as I love games in this style. Thank you so much for the experience and I cannot wait to see the final product. Much love   


I just created this account to ask you if the revolver is a direct reference to the one in "middens".

Also, I love this gem of a game, if I could, I would pay you money, so you can achieve the idea that you have in your mind. 

With kind regards 



I think I like, subconsiously made Concord resemble Genie, I played Gingiva a while ago (that was the first game I saw Genie in I think?) and I guess the design snuck into my mind when I least expected it!

Glad you enjoyed the game.

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Quest with cops is strange one, is there a hidden policeman in the game? Because i shot all in fields, and one from hell and the tower one still does not change theirs dialog

Quest isn't in yet


Amazing! I love this so mush!!!

Is there a use for the second Mr Sprout yet?

There is, but it's hard to find

Had a search round every area I could think of/remember from the first version of the demo but couldn't find anything. 

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Found it now (hint for others: check Johnny's twitter), but didn't seem to do much. Any other new secrets in the demo? (Great demo BTW, real standout from the Haunted PS1 scene)

Tell meeee

In the dark area with all the eyes (sorry I can't think of a better way to describe it), there is a window with eyes in it that you can jump up to and go through the window into a secret area with a spot where you can plant the sprout, but I haven't anything new after that. Hope that helps, and if you find anything else new let me know.

i can't find the first one!!!

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Biggest Croissant 5/5

yum, get in my belly


I can't stop thinking about this game... what a unique experience! Can't wait to see (and play) more!


Loved this one as per usual with fever dream johnny. just a question tho, how do i help the real police officer?


That quest isn't in the game yet I'm afraid. Stay tuned for the full version down the road!


why would you want to do that? you a bootlicker or something? c'mon let's defund the police. all cops are bad. don't you punks ever learn? those pigs shoot unarmed black teenagers for fun and profit.

just sayin'

well, at least here in America, they do


its a game... im trying to play. the game.


All US cops are all makes sense now


everything about this game is amazing. Can’t wait for the full release!




i spent hours digging through this game only to leave with more unanswered questions then when i had when i start. amazing job btw it was a blast. but seriously who is the man in the photo im dying to know

Hey! I played this in the Spectral Mall Demo Disc and included it in my roundup video. Starts around 14:56 (if you only want to see this game). Best of luck with the development!


Watching someone play this right now on a stream. Looks pretty fun, except for one thing: the art style.

I'm a humble artist, just for a bit of clarification. I've been watching various LPs of other surreal games in the past few days, and they all have one thing yours lacks, which is a cohesive art style. Specifically of the characters, npcs, bosses, etc.

For instance, everything in Hylics looks like it belongs in that game. Everything is made of clay, sure, but it all looks like it was designed by the same person. Wayne looks like he belongs in the world of Hylics. In Yume Nikki, everything may be disjointed and in separate worlds (and different art styles), but every character and object still has the feel of Yume Nikki. I.e. the shield-folk and the thing with the quivering jaw. Two different art styles, but they were drawn by the same person, and therefore have a united feeling to them. Does that make sense? When you design something (versus just grab a stock photo and call it a day), it gives the game another layer of why it's fun. It's a visual treat for the viewer.

I know you wrote that your game is "absurdist", which is fine and dandy, but it feels disjointed. Especially with the handgun sidekick. That was the biggest flaw, because it unfortunately was the best-looking character in the whole game, because it wasn't just a stock photo. It was designed. It looked cool as hell. Even the Sleeping Prince looked better than the stock photo people, because at least someone said, "Hey this'll look funnier/cooler/weirder with a collage face." The game would be a hell of a lot more fun if EVERYONE had collage faces. Or everyone looked like they were made up of cut-out bits of magazines. Right now it just feels like 7 different people threw in the thing they designed for the game and that was it. And it's not fair, considering how cool the environments are. The characters should pull their weight.


lol, lmao


nah this game looks cool and goofy, keep up the good work!


??? Did I say something wrong? I'm just giving you constructive criticism.


well art is subjective and I personally think it’s very fun, wacky, and reminds me of older websites from the 90s which Are kind of disjointed and weird like that. For me personally I think it works.👍

That's fine, but it'd be nice to hear what the author himself was thinking.

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Since you didn't take the hint from "lol, lmao" that I don't respect how you conducted your critique, I'll just be straight forward. 

You could've been a lot more polite, for starters. I think opening with "I'm a humble artist" and then spending the next two paragraphs deploying a condescending lecture about artistic cohesion comes across as inconsiderate, unnecessary and hypocritical. 

If it helps you, the reason the NPCs are stock images is because Nowhere, MI is a homage to Crypt Worlds, which has the same style for its characters. Nowhere is a collage-style game. The dissonance in its style reflects the chaotic nature of the town you're exploring. That's the point. You're welcome to dislike an artistic choice, but you aren't the authority on whether or not that choice was a valid one.

If you were expecting me to listen to you and agree on your stance, you should've been courteous and at bare minimum spoken as though we were equals. Remember that I didn't ask for your opinion, you provided one unprompted. When you spend 2 paragraphs telling me how well Hylics and Yume Nikki manage their aesthetics and how poorly I constructed mine, it comes across like you're really insecure and need something to punch down on. I hope going forward you'll be more polite when talking to your fellow artists.

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if you call yourself an artist, even a humble one, you clearly are not an artist. "artist" is something you earn as a privilege for other people to call you, not something you can be entitled to call yourself. if you do consider yourself an artist, I suggest it is time you grew up and got a job

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