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this is the best game ever made plz never let this die

so much fun i played with my friends for hours

I wonder if it'd be possible to add bots by modding? If nothing else its still LAN playable and the core mechanics and art style are snazzy and economical at the same time.

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I'm sorry, you found a way to make PSDM LAN Playable? That seems like quite the incredible accomplishment? How did you get that up and running?

Commenting again because I don't know where to ask. Is there a place for a discord about this, I've seen links related to other stuff you've made but most of them are dead-links.

Nope, Discord's gone

I couldn’t find “Nowhere Land” where the flesh pack is from, does anyone have a link?


Nowhere MI's (formerly Nowhere Land) demo isn't out to the public yet, in maybe a month or so it'll be available

Oh okay, thanks!


good, but there are some problems.

  • the game has less diversity in guns and collectibles.
  • the game has only a small selection of maps to play.
  • more characters/skins
  • fix balancing for guns 

It's free! Chill out will ya? 


This is wonderful. Please, oh PLEASE make the peeb a default tool. make it a hot-key! Left-click to shoot, right-click to peeb!!!


I love the art style and chaotic game gameplay! I'm excited to see what else is in store! I think the addition of Quake style bots could really give this a lot of staying power.


yeah, bots would be great, cause i don't really know anyone who would join me and i can never find any servers


Oh wow I love this, what a wonderful game with an awesome OST!! Looking forward to more updates!!

also poufpouf if you’re reading this our matches were fun xoxoxo


Oh man this rules


I think this game is really good, quake mariokart somethin. I think that it would be nice to have a setting or mode that let the Peeb tool be used at the press of a button, I feel like constantly swapping between it is fine and makes for a challenge but having it on a bind would be nice. I also think that the knockback in smash mode should be much higher, but otherwise, it's an amazing deathmatch shooter!


This specific Peeb feature has actually been requested quite a lot! Next time I push an update I'll try to get that in for ya! Thanks for playing!


i love this game so much ive had an absolute blast just blasting my friends with fun weapons (especially the smash gamemode)




heck yesss i was wondering when this was gonna drop


Dont trust Lena...