A downloadable Wallace Game for Windows

Takes around 15 minutes to beat, maybe 30 if you're new to the experience.

Made in a total of 21 hours by Feverdream Johnny and Quinn K (done in 3 hour intervals over a week).

A transcendental experience about confronting friends and their "new" ideas...

Let the world come to an end


The Caretaker                      Everywhere at the End of Time (Song)                    

Models-Resource.com:                                                      All Art Assets

Johnny:                                                                                     Game Developer

Quinn K:                                                                                      Writing, Music

Minnie:                                          Ideas, Boss Theme, Tottington (Voice)

Dale Wensly:                                                                            Wallace (Voice)

Micah:                                                                                          Gromit (Voice)

Jam:                                                  Some Sounds, MP4 Post Processing

Bryce:             Game Cover and some new Ideas (mischievous face)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorFeverdream Johnny
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Wallace Game.zip 88 MB


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Someone gave you the game of the year award: 

I see another man (potentially) here from will's video


Lmao this seems super sussy, does it contain any virus or shit like that?


It's a comedy game, if I wanted to include a virus I would've called it "CALL OF DUTY FREE DOWNLOAD!!! CLICK HERE!!"


There seems to be a bug in the colliders after the part where Wallace told Grommit about magical powers derived from not having sweet pleasures for months, i has fell through floor at this point..




That song during the final battle sounds very familiar. Does anyone know the song?


I absolutely loved this. My friends and I will be quoting Alpha Omega God Wallace for weeks. I was initially aghast at the tank controls, but this inspired me to play Potter Game and I just wanted to thank you for adding any camera controls at all.


Made a video


I played Wallace Game

Wallace Game Played Me


This was a thing of beauty...cursed beauty...but beauty nonetheless LOL! 

Show post...

epic game


Developer.....you’re alright with me 😎. Super sus but still cool


So on the face of it, the comparative disconnect of subject matter and theme theoretically makes this a less strong offering than Pottergame (unless I've missed a LOT about how Nick Park's doing nowadays) but it's still incredibly good and so wonderfully screenshottable. Every new line from the final boss was better than the last.

Made me really uncomfortable 9/10 good job


Oh yeah, no, this is in no way up to snuff with Pottergame for tone or message. Potter game actually had something to say, Wallace game is just a game made for fun with some friends

I don't know, while you could make the argument that it's maybe a little facile I think Wallace game definitely has something to say, and it's not fuckin' subtle about it lol


credits: Everything at the End of Time

o no


btw it's called Everywhere at the End of Time fix this or else i will get really really really mildly uncomfortable

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I thought it was intentionally screwed up. Either way it's funny.


I can already tell how awesome this game will be from the comment section.

u know it


We've forgotten the crackers, gromit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




mfw im so done, im so so fucking done with women... im s


Well this was just brilliant

hey rat!! glad u enjoyed ^~^


Lenny Henry's 1997 Wallace and Gromit parody


I feel this.