A downloadable Multiplayer Explorer for Windows

Viewer beware... You're in for a scare...

Welcome to...


The Endless Summer Update

Will you survive the horrors within? 

Download and find out...


Choose between 26 unique characters...

Get a custom particle effect to scream at people....

Find and uncover 40 secret rooms...

Find 22 unique familiars to customize yourself with...

Unlock 54 mysterious achievements...

Get 15 unique upgrades to explore the map further...

Discover the dark secret of the conspiracy room...

And do it all online with your friends...

Or by yourself in singleplayer...



Bryce Bucher




Valerie Dusk




This game uses a launcher to synchronize content for non-itch app users. As a result, the download file size will appear to be 4MB, but the game when fully installed is actually around  450MB or so.

There's also a heavy variant of the game launcher for those who cannot successfully install the DLLs on their machines. It's fully contained, so enjoy!!

NOTICE: This game contains copyrighted content. The game is meant as an explorable art collage, but if you see something that's yours and want something done about it, contact me on Twitter!

I take absolutely no credit for ANY of the copyrighted content seen in the game.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorFeverdream Johnny
Tags3D, Exploration, First-Person, Horror, Multiplayer, online, psychedelic, Surreal, Unity, weird



Install instructions

Just extract the folder to your desktop and begin the nightmare....

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yo digo que lo pongan en steam

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Played this a year ago and never got around to commenting, I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed every second of this game from start to finish, even thought I played it in an empty lobby it felt pretty populated.

I feel like a lot more people should have played this game, Like in the 100k range twitch kind of virality

By the way finding this game again to comment was hard to do, I originally thought Bryce Bucher made this game because of their unique style, but then I remembered you also had a unique style, I was already following you so here I am haha

Glad you enjoyed it!

pls make web ver.

i could IF IT wAs WeB bRoWsEr

I need to know how to go to the ocean dweller room it's the only one i'm missing

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been a while since i touched the game and saw that it had a new update, installed it and now i'm getting this error and i can't open the game

This issue has been a bit of a stickler for me, the current offering I can provide is to download the direct .zip from the itch page. Sorry about that. If you encounter any further issues I'll try to get a new version out a bit later on that should hopefully fix it.

I hear "butterfly" and I keep slamming my body against the walls trying to get in I got the ??? and I thought it would open but no, what is the butterfly please its been 6 hours I just want to know what the butterfly song means I really want to know I want to know please.

huh can u send a clip of the butterfly

lol Im playing the Patron one still

Uhhhhhhhh WHERE IS THE LAST ROOM (Sorry not being mean just tired)!

lol I flew out of bounds to get it but how do you normally get it! 

hey can you pls help me find the ocean dweller room 

Found the code wakef-mgpl9-8qfwr someone got it lol idc.

I just flew past the ocean all the way with the 666 jetpack and then somehow nonclipped into this how do you normally get in here!

Johnny you are a legend I will pay you money if you could help teach me how to make games in unity! Also I found a bug out of bounds lol I shouldn't be here.


How the hell do you find Familiar 1 and Familiar 20. Me and my friend are losing are shit because of your easter egg hunt. were so close to hitting 100% but were missing a single Room which your devilish minds has hidden behind the gates of heaven for all we know and were also missing a single upgrade which i can only guess allows you to fly, kill other players and crash the game because of how anciently mysterious it is. Can you please for the love of loving Christ and the holy spirit tell us where in the fuck those familiars are which im guessing are connected to those last two achievements.

Familiar 1: You need to have discovered every room in the game to get this one.

Familiar 20: Obtained by 100% the game's achievements.

Which achievements are you missing (like, which other achievements are around them)? It sounds like you're on the cusp.


Were missing the achievement below [DEAD WORLD] and [FALSE PROPHET]. We would find them out on our own if we had any clues which we have absolutely none and I was questioning my life several times if I'm insane from not being able to find them like that one person below who apparently got 100% on his own which he has to be the luckiest fucking son of a bitch I have ever seen.

So these two are really, really obscure achievements. You actually need [DEAD WORLD] to accomplish both of these, and since you have it this next tidbit of advice should be all you need to finally 100% the game.

Head to the temple (the one orange and yellow building on the island) and when you enter it, turn around and fly towards the skybox. Since you have the null spark, you should start seeing platforms fade into existence. That's about all you'll need to know, just realize that even though the skybox seems to end at some point, you need to fly through it to follow the platforms.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me end this journey that has brought me to fucking tears and brought out my ADHD like any else could. I will forever be scarred by each asset, sound effect and music track this game has burned into the back of my mind.

I started this game being fascinated by random stuff being crammed together and now I won't ever be able to leave Demon Island.

Great fucking game would absolutely recommend it to anyone. Keep up the good work and good luck on your future projects.

Best regards, Big Oil Larry.

I salute you Big Oil Larry, and I also fall to my knees to grovel for your forgiveness.

Maybe one day, Demon's Island will be nuked and your misery shall be forever cleansed from this earth.


Me and my friends have been trying to find all the secrets in this game and we're really close to getting 100%, this game is a lot of fun. I was wondering though if the numbers in the room one of the sages mentioned mean anything

The text on the wall is a steam key for a game, but I think it very well might have been claimed. Feel free to try it though

One more thing wth is the sage talking about the monition blur

Im missing 5 rooms I have everything the comments and the ocean dweller what are VERY HARD to find rooms. I really want to know I did a 23 hour live stream.

Peeb lol


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I also can't do the "For bubbling, you need to go to the fatum room (accessed with the beast on top of the temple) and sit in the pond for a full minute. The unlock condition for this one is annoying, so that's why most people don't end up getting this familiar. "  is it in the temple or the bryce room?

The bryce room.

I tried it did not work.

what's the ocean dweller ??

How do you get familiar 7? A few of my friends and I have explored everywhere and aren't sure if we missed it in a room or what.

I think familiar 7 is either the bubbling or ghosting u one, either way here are the two solutions:

1). For Ghosting U, you need to grapple the green, spectral grappling point on the island for 10 seconds or so, maybe a bit longer. It's near the temple.

2).  For bubbling, you need to go to the fatum room (accessed with the beast on top of the temple) and sit in the pond for a full minute. The unlock condition for this one is annoying, so that's why most people don't end up getting this familiar. 

I've only found like half oh the rooms but I just love the vibes and the secrets, you should gamemods and maps for gmod !


this is the greatest thing ive played in years

bro where is the peter head.. ive found everything there is to find in this game and its killing me. 10 hours and still no peter head.

Go to the pumpkin room and go to the top of the castle you spawn by


oh my god thank you. 98 percent. just 2 familiars untill 100. thanks for this game by the way. its the best game ive played all year

Glad you've enjoyed it!

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Hey how do I get the keycard for the store and the hotel key. Please help me. Also What Does "P" Do?

"P" activates Do-Re-Mi, which gives you a little chart so you can gauge what pitch your character will scream at when looking up and down. As for the keycard, you need to head over to the swamplands with the church and learn more about the wonders of money ;)

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Thanks you really active for all your old games and please make a Demon Island 2 Please. When you have freetime of course. Almost forgot how do you get to the peeb room from the photo's from Patron.

where do i get the "socks" or whatever? and i think im missing a few rooms, what do i do with the motionblurr or the screen effects?

i found these secret rooms: the simpsons room, hell, the room in the temple (you stole their toilet)

idk what hacking the computer does
i havent found a secret room in the fatem betula room, or the room where u noclip to see the pissing goddess and minie, or in the giant gman kitchen
what do u do with the ball, or the star of sand?

The socks are a super vague one, first you need to go to a shutter at the front of the hotel and fly or fall into it. It's on the upper right side, facing the hotel from the front. Then, when in the simpsons room, go around the family and jump through the bars of the prison. Interact with the fast homer to access the TIM X room. Then you've got your socks.

Not going to explain the others, but the ball and the star in the sand don't do anything special. 

vidi gaem

g ame is good :) nice

like I mean VERY VERY scary?

Is it really scary?


Really enjoyed this, was laid back and fun...keep it up!