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Tim - Material work, Easter Eggs, Level Geometry

Cosme - Level Geometry, Level Decor

Ben - Player Model,  Easter Eggs, Banners, Cosmetics

Johnny - Programming, Easter Eggs, Minor Cosmetics


Thanks to everyone who contributed!

- Kiseff

- Neb

- Crash

- Wemmy Wew

- Ⓑⓛⓐⓝⓚ

- Kin



Q).     What's with the obtuse design? Why isn't there inbuilt chat?

A).     We could have easily given players a chatbox, but it's more entertaining to see people jump up and down and scream instead. Beyond that, we can't really filter the chat box due to the time it would take to implement admin controls into what is essentially a joke multiplayer gallery, so we decided you're better off using services like Discord or Skype for communication. If you need to identify yourself to your friends, you can either hold TAB to view your username or you can just look down at your nametag for your color and associated image, and otherwise you can just jump on landmarks and scream with [LEFT CLICK]. (We thought about adding a CROWS CROWS CROWS "The Club"-esque chat item selector, but didn't want to rip them off so instead we just let the player scream).

Q).     How long did this take to make?

A).     If we're being technical, the game was developed over the month of October. If we're being literal it was only 5 - 7 days. Most of the time was spent taking care of college courses or work on each developer's part, so naturally there were delays on parts of the game.

Q).     Help! My performance is horrible or I can't connect to the game!

A).     The gallery is meant to be played in the browser, but if for whatever reason you're struggling to run the game or are having connection problems due to your region, please review the possible options below:

1). Performance Problems

     If you're a windows user you can download a standalone distribution to help with performance. Not only do games typically run much better away from WebGL, you can also drop your graphics quality drastically to help keep your framerate good. We do not support V-Sync unfortunately.

2). Connection Problems

     If you have connection problems with Photon's serverbase, you are more than welcome to either request a friend to stream the game for you, or if you're alright going solo you can download our offline copy instead. It still has all of the parts the main gallery does, but you won't have cosmetics, the ability to scream or a randomly generated name. Connection issues might have to do with your region. This game's servers work on a master server system and therefor have to be hosted in the Eastern US.


Additional Credits:

GeoCities - Terrible, Terrible Gifs

Jann Kuusisaari - Stiffbrush JK Font


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